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Tiina Raevaara (FI)

    CANCELLED – Mainstreaming science: How art and pop culture can make science more relevant

    Science is more important than ever. It also needs to reach a wider audience. Can we use popular culture and art to make science communication even more impressive and touching?

    Art and popular culture have a lot of visibility and influence on society. Movies and television shows already affect people’s impressions and visions of science. In the literature, thriller books in particular absorb elements of science.

    By using art and pop culture and their features, we can find new ways for example to market science, attract young people to study and raise debate about scientific applications.

    For researchers, art and popular culture provide a new way to gain visibility for research and influence society. Some sponsors are already encouraging researchers and artists to cooperate. For artists this is a chance to find new partners, contents and sources of funding.

    Seminar speaker:

    Tiina RaevaaraTiina Raevaara is an acclaimed author and a freelance journalist who has written short stories, novels and non-fiction books. Raevaara holds a PhD in genetics and has written articles about science for several esteemed Finnish newspapers and magazines.

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