How to get to Reykjavík

There are direct flights to Iceland from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and many more. Flight times are only 3-5 hours from mainland Europe, and up to 25 airlines service Iceland with direct flights to 80 destinations.

Keflavík International Airport is located about 50 km away from Reykjavík.

The FlybusAirport direct and Airportexpress go to and from Keflavík Airport to all hotels in Reykjavík, in connection with every flight.

The buses are located outside the arrival terminal and depart every 15-20 minutes. It takes approx. 45 minutes to Reykjavik. You can buy your ticket online in advance, see Airport directAirport Express and Flybus. The ticket is valid on all departures on the selected date.   

You can also take the public bus network in Iceland called Strætó.

Taxis are always ready outside the terminal.

There are also some car rentals located at the airport.

Map of the Main Unversity Campus - University of Iceland