Seminar 1 /
James Pamment (SE)

    Countering disinformation – your role as a communication professional

    Researchers at the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University have developed training programmes to help communication officers identify and counteract disinformation. Their work supported the Swedish government’s efforts to protect the general election of September 2018 from foreign influence, and the research group advises and trains a number of countries and international organisations in how to handle disinformation.

    The seminar will discuss questions like:

    • What communicative techniques are used in disinformation, and how should communication professionals respond?
    • How could this handbook be used by communication professionals at universities?
    • How can we – as communication professionals – support researchers and other employees if they become subjected to disinformation?

    Seminar speaker:

    James PammentJames PammentLund University. Head of Department of Strategic Communication

    More about James’ research

    Additional info:

    The handbook “Countering information influence activities”  


    Helen Rosenberg