Noora Happonen

    University of Helsinki Think Corner – Redefining public science engagement

    The new University of Helsinki science arena Think Corner, opened in September 2017, is a unique science engagement platform that focuses on quality events, tube-age media production and open co-working in a multi-purpose arena by JKMM architects. Centrally situated at the Helsinki city campus, Think Corner strives to significantly increase the impact of scientific discovery and research-based discourse in a world of alternative facts.

    A major branding investment by the UH, Think Corner reaches out to the general public and engages important stakeholders such as governmental and business decision-makers, media and international audiences. Think Corner offers easily accessible spaces, services and events to generate new thinking and action.

    Doors and ideas are open to everyone. Topical themes and recurring content formats are the backbones of Think Corner program. Themes include Helsinki Health Week, Hope for Globe, Crazy World and Smart as HEL, covering many fields of top research in talks events, demos, workshops, video, articles, social media content and media marketing.

    Marketing Specialist Noora Happonen will present the concept, results and key learnings from the first year of operation. Ca. 400 events, some 50 000 event guests, over 1000 speakers and 250,000 visitors have taught us a thing or two.

    Circus speaker

    Noora Happonen is Marketing Specialist at Think Corner, University of Helsinki. She is responsible for the marketing, communications and brand management of Think Corner.

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    Anna Wiksten, web strategist at Linnaeus University in Växjö and Kalmar, Sweden