Anna Wiksten

    How to build an award-winning university website

    “Without competition the best university website in Sweden”.
    That is what the magazine Internetworld wrote when they appointed 2018’s 100 best Swedish websites in a number of different categories.

    Building a website for a university is a complex task and most universities and university colleges are battling with the same questions and considerations. There are many different interests, target groups and, last but not least, wills within the organization.

    So, how do you keep focus on what is important? Linnaeus University’s website,, is an example of what you can get when you take the time to discuss questions from different angles and have the courage to go against traditional structures. Anna Wiksten, web strategist at Linnaeus University, talks about the journey from the development of the new in 2017 to the current web development work at the university.

    What are the key factors for a successful university website?

    Circus speaker

    Anna Wiksten, web strategist at Linnaeus University in Växjö and Kalmar, Sweden

    Noora Happonen