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Janni Brixen

    IMPACT COMMUNICATION–  the one-size-fits-all way to make them know how universities matter
    to society

    Telling the stories about the ways universities impact and improve societies is of growing importance
    for communication officers across all types of faculties and departments. As the role of higher education and research is more frequently questioned outside the academic world,  our ability to tell clear cut stories about the essentiality of university research is simply a must-have. But what do we do, when everyone seems to have his and her own definition of research impact?  At the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Social Sciences, we developed a one-size-fits-all template to organize the communication of our research impact – and the researchers love it!

    Circus speaker

    Jannie BrixenJanni Brixen is press-officer at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Social Science. She holds a degree in journalism and came to UCPH in 2015 after working 10 years as a TV-reporter with DR News at the national Danish Broadcasting Corporation and prior to that has produced tv-documentaries for Danish TV2. She has also worked for radio news, print magazines and as press-officer for NGO´s and businesses.

    Jannie BrixenSigfús Sigmundsson