Sigfús Þór Sigmundsson

    A new university webpage – the importance of preparation and consultation process

    Universities usually are complex institutions, there are many stakeholders and compromises are often necessary. Is it possible to make everybody happy when building a new university website?
    University of Iceland´s new website,, was launched in June 2017 after a two year process. In this circus, Sigfús Þór Sigmundsson, the University of Iceland’s webmaster, will discuss the process with a special emphasis on the importance of thorough preparation and consultation. This circus has a practical approach; participants will get a glimpse into the webmaster´s toolbox; an overview of the most important tools/methods when making a new website.

    Circus speaker

    Sigfús Þór Sigmundsson
    Sigfús is a Webmaster at the University of Iceland and part of the University’s Division of Marketing and Public Relations. He has a BA degree in political science, MPA degree in public administration from the University of Iceland and a MEPP (Master of European Politics and Policies) from KU Leuven in Belgium.
    Sigfús has extensive experience in web content management, usability, and web editing as well as public administration. He has worked as webmaster at the Prime Minister’s Office in Iceland and as a webmaster and project manager at the City of Reykjavik. For the past five years Sigfús has been the webmaster of the University of Iceland where he has among other things led work on a new website for the University of Iceland,

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