Welcome to the 2019 NUAS Communication Conference

NUASkom 2019 is now fully booked!
We are delighted by the great response and interest.

The NUAS Communication group (NUASkom) looks forward to welcoming you to the UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND 24-26 JANUARY 2019.

We are expecting 300 Nordic communication professionals at the conference.  Do not miss this unique opportunity to meet, learn and mingle.  All lectures will be held in English, however, a couple of circus sessions may be held in a Scandinavian language.

Reykjavík has a small-scale urban centre, which attendees will find easy to navigate. The hassle-free city centre is safe, clean, and packed with restaurants, shopping, culture, and vibrant nightlife. Iceland’s high level of education, scientific expertise, flourishing start-up culture, and magical nature make the destination a perfect setting for conferences. Reykjavík is a place of exciting possibilities surrounded by incredible landscapes, where countless adventures and an abundance of natural wonders await.

Reykjavík is emerging as an international meetings destination. The readers of Business Destination and Smart Magazine chose Reykjavík as one of the top business destinations 2016 and as one of the top emerging international meetings cities 2016.

We have uploaded all the photos from the conference to the NUASkom Facebook page - https://t.co/KsG7sKGfJZ

Thank you again for such a great event! #nuaskom #nuaskom2019
©Gunnar Sverrisson

Thank you all for attending NUASkom communication conference 2019 at the University of Iceland.

We can‘t wait to meet you all in Turku, Finland June 2020. #nuaskom #nuaskom2019