Seminar 2 /
Benedikt Wirmer (NL)

    Real-time Data on International Student Demand: The Effect of Political Decisions

    Recently, as the student choice has moved online, study search behaviour data has become available providing real-time insights into future student demand by country of destination, subject area, and country of origin and even region and city of origin and destination.

    This session presents real-time insights into student interest for selected countries and cities and how to use these insights to target international students, but also how demand is influenced by political decisions, e.g.

    • How a changing (nationalistic) political landscape is influencing international student marketing strategies worldwide
    • Introduction of Tuition Fees in Finland
    • The Effects of Brexit
    • The Trump Effects

    Requirements: Laptop or Tablet is required for this session as participants will get access to real-time data.

    Seminar speaker:

    Benedikt Wirmer, is Senior Analytics Consultant and joined Studyportals part-time in 2011 and was ever since responsible for a variety of interdisciplinary tasks and projects. In 2014, he started working full-time for Studyportals, leading several website and analytics-related projects and innovating some of Studyportals’ products and services. Since 2016 he is consulting universities in the areas of market research and data analytics, tracking and analytics. Benedikt has presented at various conferences, including the annual conferences of the Higher Education Strategic Planning Association (HESPA) in the UK and the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) in the USA.

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