Pontus Sundén

    Course catalog: The most underrated tool for student recruitment?

    The academics and course catalog is the single most important tool to market and inform about university education. This is the destination for visitors coming from search engines, and national and international websites.

    The perfect catalog…
    – Is a support for the student all the way from the first seed to graduation.
    – Has a rich tool for editing the content.
    – Have an organization with clear roles and responsibilities for the content.
    – Of course, also has an attractive and accessible design.

    “Yeah right, hardly at my university…”
    At University of Gothenburg, we started this journey in 2015, and it is fair to say that we have come halfway.

    To create something that is truly better requires several years of long-term work. Several disciplines need to work towards the same goal. And it will require relatively large activity changes and new ways of working.

    Students and parents know what information they are looking for and what is crucial to them. Student recruitment and study guidance know how we best get students to choose our university. Web developers and designers know how to create a good presentation on the web. Editors and strategists know how to get the organization to create the best content. Administrators and managers know what is possible and
    what conditions that are required.

    Circus speaker

    Pontus Sundén is a communications officer and project manager at University of Gothenburg. With a background as a teacher and know-how in both web development and communication, he has the mission of delivering a new academics and course catalog for University of Gothenburg. 


    *based on official figures, showing a national decline of 2%.

    Hanna Nilvall