Keynote 1 /
Alda Karen Hjaltalín (IS)

    How do we reach young people nowadays? The market of tomorrow.

    With the marketing world constantly changing and more channels being added every single day it can be hard to decide how to reach your target and where to put your marketing budget tomorrow.  How do we reach young people who don’t read newspapers or magazines, don’t watch linear TV or listen to the radio?  Some are not on Facebook anymore and use ad blockers on YouTube.

    Alda aims to answer that question and show us why you don’t need a bigger marketing budget, you just need to know where to reach and get the best deals.  With data-driven marketing on the rise, Alda shows us how to read the data and make calculated risks on all fronts.

    Alda Karen HjaltalínAlda Karen now 25 started consulting at only 19 when she was VP of sales and marketing for the biggest production company in Iceland. Her talks were mostly about sales and marketing but soon the subject of her talks evolved into life itself and how we can unlock our own minds to reach our fullest potential. Today she mainly works as an international speaker but runs two companies on the side, as well as being an investor.

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