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Anu Valkeajärvi

    Researchers on Social Media – benefits and challenges of communicating research in social media

    How researchers use social media as a tool for communications and personal branding? What are the benefits and challenges of social media for researchers?

    This session aims to offer insight into the positive and negative effects that researchers face within use of social media as well as the most used social media platforms. We also discuss how communications professionals can support researchers in engaging with social media.

    The session is based on the results of an online survey targeted to doctoral
    and postdoctoral candidates in Finland.

    Anu Valkeajärvi is the social media specialist at the University of Helsinki with 10+ years of experience in the Finnish universities and the education industry.

    Circus speaker

    Anu Valkeajärvi Social Media Specialist University of Helsinki

    Twitter: @valkeajarvi
    Linkedin: anu.val

    Anu Valeajarvi