Circus session /
Therese Husén

    “Management information” –  a sustainable communication support for managers

    At Karolinska institutet, management information is spread arbitrarily as it is on the leaders to interpret and disseminate information further from meetings etcetera. In addition, there are many forums where important information is conveyed without central packaging, which provides scope for different levels of information dissemination and interpretation. This makes it harder to lead the university, build culture and gain regulatory compliance. In this circus, you will hear about:

    • How we created the conditions for managers to take on their communication responsibility
    • Experiences and lessons learned
    • Next step – how to development the management communication and strengthen the overall internal communication

    Circus speaker

    Therese HusenTherese Husén, Communications officer, Internal communication and operational support Communications and Public Relations Office, Karolinska Institutet.


    Therese Husen